hydrexxG to Z Turf Services, Inc. creates unique custom blends to best fit the needs of each individual customer. We can custom blend any liquid bulk order of 5 tons or more, combining all mixable components and advising on best mixing practices. We also have the ability to stabilize the nitrogen in these mixes using Hydrexx technology, locking the nitrogen into the soil profile and protecting the urea from volatilizing into the atmosphere. We also have the capacity to add wetting agents into any blend. Our specialty blends are excellent fertilizers for turf fertigation. Learn more about Hydrexx Technology

G to Z Bulk Fertilizer Blends*

GZ1 25-0-0-2 UAN

.20Mg, .20Mn, .20Fe

GZ2 24-0-0-0 UAN
.50Mn, .50Fe

GZ3 24-0-0
.20Mn, .20Fe

GZ4 16-0-5-2
.20Mg, .20Mn, .20Fe, .05B

9-0-0-11 Ca

GZ5 11-0-5-0

.50Mn, .50Fe

GZ6 10-0-10
.30Mg, .30Fe, .30Mn, .03B

GZ7 8-0-8-0
.50Mg, .20Fe, .20Mn, .02B

GZ8 6-0-10
.20Mg, .20Fe, .20Mn, .02B

32-0-0 UAN

Liquid Fertilizer Pricing.pdf

*Download the Complete Fertilizer List or contact G to Z Turf Services for details.