Dry fertilizer is the conventional way that most people fertilize their turf grass. The three numbers on the bag symbolize nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (in that order). These are the macro essential nutrients to the plant. The next most important nutrient to the plant is Calcium, followed by magnesium (Mg), iron (Fe), and manganese (Mn).

Dry fertilizer used in small amounts can be very efficient, but most people do not use it that way. To get the most bang for your buck, so to speak, use a fertilizer that has at least 25 percent slow release nitrogen to promote a more uniform color for a longer period of time.


G to Z Turf Services, Inc. offers a number of dry fertilizer lines:

Download the complete GreenTRX Technical Sheet
GreenTRX 16-1-2-17S-3Fe by Anuvia is an enhanced efficiency plant nutrition product that uses the power of the Organic MaTRX to deliver the nutrients your turf needs, while also working to enrich soil and work for a better environment. GreenTrix supports the 4R Nutrient Stewardship initiative and industry initiatives to better manage nutrient delivery. For more information visit Anuvia.

Download the complete GreenEdge® Catalog
GreenEdge® is an advanced slow release fertilizer, made with organic nitrogen for vibrant turfgrass, thriving ornamentals and healthy gardens. GreenEdge® acts as a bio-activator to increase microbial activity and replenish the soil.

Learn about the Timac Agro® Catalog
Timac Agro crop nutrition products enhance production potential. Their soil conditioners improve the soil profile for a better growing environment. Timac Agro’s fertilizer efficiency technologies are revolutionary in the market and enable growers to optimize their fertilizer investment, while at the same time improving their environmental stewardship practices.

Learn more about the complete Protene® Catalog
The patented and unique technology behind Protene® allows the fertilizer to release nutrients over a prolonged period. Most current fertilizers, both organic and mineral, claim “slow release” activity, but Protene’s® “in-situ” method of creating amino-methylene urea, fuses all nutrients into the same granule, allowing nutrients to release evenly.

Contact G to Z for information about Wedgworth’s®
When the Wedgworths were establishing themselves as an integral part of the Florida farming community, they also became responsible for many of the innovations that are still used today. From the time that Herman Wedgworth was blending his first batches of fertilizer with nothing more than his agronomist knowledge and a shovel, the Wedgworth® name has become synonymous with smart farming.