Foliar fertilizers are believed by many to be the most efficient way to fertilize turf grass. With lower rates and a lower chance of leaching, foliar fertilizers are a good choice for many people. The small portion of foliar fertilizer that does not go through the leaf is absorbed by the soil, and the only disadvantage to this type of application is that more light and frequent applications are needed, and sometimes equipment is needed that many consumers do not own. For these reasons, many homeowners and smaller properties tend to rely on granular applications.


The key to many foliar fertilizers is chelation, which is the way the minor nutrients are made to keep them more available to the plant. The better the chelation, the better the chance that the minor nutrients have of getting to and staying available at the target area. At G to Z Turf Services, Inc., we focus on finding foliar fertilizers that not only meet the needs of the consumer but also contain the best ingredients.

G to Z Turf Services, Inc. offers the following foliar fertilizers:

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No performance fertilizer line on the market today can equal the great performance and quality of the Keep it Green without the high cost of some comparable products. Keep it Green Foliar Fertilizer utilizes advanced technology, silica and kelp. Our Keep it Green Foliar Fertilizer line is far superior to any other product, and it will outlast and outperform the competition.