Golfview Sod to Sprig Install Part 2

Part 2 of our Golfview Sod to Sprig Restoration. Watch the G to Z Turf Services crew in action as they prepare the greens for the new Sunday Ultra Dwarf. Golfview selected Sunday because Sunday is finer-textured than Tifdwarf, and can be mowed as low as .080. Sunday grass provides a very consistent, high quality putting surface.

In addition, the color of Sunday is monolithic providing a highly aesthetic green putting surface. Sunday has successfully been installed on multiple courses in Florida with very positive feedback on its color and reduced maintenance. As one of only four installers of Sunday grass in Florida, G to Z Turf Services is able to offer Sunday Ultra-Dwarf for any new course or renovation. Learn more about Sunday grass and G to Z Turf Services Sod to Sprig Service.

Project Details

Client: Gulfview