We stock three blends of fertilizer year round at G to Z Turf Services. All will work on any type grass that you have and are designed to fit any needs and all provide different slow release capabilities.


This fertilizer has been proven for years in the golf and home lawn market. 100% of the nitrogen is controlled release derived from Uflexx. All the potash comes from sulfate of potash magnesium, and even though no phosphorus is listed, there is some from the sludge that is in the mix. There is 5.28 Mg, 1.21 Fe, 1 Mn and .21 Ca in this mix for minors. This also makes it a great fertilizer for palms.


This is a great mix for Floratam lawns and any other grass. 25% of the nitrogen is slow release and the minors of 1 Mg, 1 Mn, and 1 Fe are a good balance for turf nutrition. The iron and manganese are derived from sucrates which will not stain driveways.


This mix is 50% slow release nitrogen with a good balance of minors; .5 Fe, .05Cu, .02B, .05Zn and .0005 Mo. It is sparged with Talstar for chinch bug control and should be used in the spring and fall. One bag covers 7,500 sq ft.