G to Z Turf Services Big-Roll Turf Installation


Although big roll turf installation requires more knowledge and different equipment than standard rolls or slabs, there are significant advantages to both golf course and athletic field customers. Installing big rolls provides the most durable and visually appealing instant turf possible, all in a minimum amount of time. For customers with large areas, big roll sod installation means any size job is possible—from the smaller commercial parks—to full golf courses and sports fields.
With G to Z Turf Services at the helm of a big roll sod installation, players and customers alike will appreciate their more professionally finished turf.

Watch the Big-Roller in Action


Why Big-Roll Turf Installation

  • Reduces physical labor: Turf installation changes from an all-manual task to a mostly mechanical process requiring significantly less physical work.
  • Results in better looking finished product: Big-Roll results in fewer seams, trimming or edges drying out, fewer cracks for weeds to grow through.
  • Allows almost immediate use of athletic and sports fields. Thicker and wider cuts, and less seams provide established playing field in minimum time.

Call our office today and ask about having your turf installed by a G to Z Turf Services Big-Roller.