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IMG_1619G to Z Turf Services is now offering the revolutionary ‘h’-unit™ lake and pond aeration unit. The ‘h’-unit™ is the only natural, environmentally sensitive water aeration system on the market capable of restoring the healthy balance of active bacteria in outdoor water sources while eliminating organic pollutants.

Description of the ‘h’-unit™

The ‘h’-unit unit takes a pond or lake to clean, making it clearer and odor-free, at more than half the capital cost of any conventional aeration system. Users can expect energy savings, cost savings and time savings post-installation. The ‘h’-unit™ utilizes an advanced fine-bubble technology in conjunction with natural forces of gravity to reduce energy while delivering oxygen-rich water to any depth.

In addition to the ‘h’-unit, G to Z Turf Services is proudly offering the Nan-O-Zone and new OxyIsland aeration units. Information for both can be found in these informative and downloadable PDF files.


Download the Nan-O-Zone Information Sheet


Download the OxyIsland Information Sheet

Grey Oaks Country Club Install Video

Here’s a quick look at one of our ‘h’-unit™ in action one week after installation.

Effects of Lake Aeration

  • 50% less expensive to operate than conventional aeration systems
  • No added chemicals or pesticides.
  • Removes organic pollutants and contaminants while restoring healthy bacterial growth to keep water cleaner, longer.

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