G to Z Turf Services Professional Root Pruning Service


Tree roots can cause major damage to fine turf.
G to Z is here to help.

Tree roots can easily damage walkways and cart pathways while denying turfgrass important water and nutrients. With our root pruner service, removing unwanted and damaging tree roots has never been easier. Our advanced root pruner makes pruning quick, and with NO CLEAN UP.

As Todd Lowe, Senior Agronomist, Florida Region, USGA mentioned in a recent article:

“The USGA recommends root pruning for shallowrooted trees at least every other year. Some trees, like live oaks, produce extensive shallow root
systems that aggressively compete with turf for water. Such trees can literally suck the life out of adjacent turf and create brown, droughty conditions – a fact that is often missed when golf course managers focus on shade issues alone.”

G to Z Turf Services’s Root Pruner is a powerful solution that can double prune 3000 linear feet per hour with only two thin slits to suggest pruning even occurred. Discrete, our Root Pruner continuously aerifies and double prunes tree roots with diameters up to 5 inches and to depths of 9 inches with NO CLEAN UP.

This is a major advantage over traditional tree root pruning with a backhoe or ditch witch, both of which can cause major damage to turf and a major disturbance to any landscape, sports field or golf course. Watch this GCSAA.TV video showing how destructive traditional root pruning is to turf and landscape.

Watch the G to Z Root Pruner in Action

Notice the tell-tale bumps as the pruner cuts through a tree root, and how quickly the job is done.

See the Difference

A few weeks after root pruning and the turf is already growing greener, and the pruner cut lines are barely noticeable.

Contact our office today and ask about having your tree roots pruned using G to Z Turf Services professional root pruning service.