G to Z Turf Services No-Till Sod to Sprig Turf Installation

G to Z Turf Services Sod to Sprig Installation

Sod to Sprig is a quick, cost effective and harmless method for reinvigorating or replacing turf in any location. It’s really that simple!

Sprigging is one of the fastest ways to install new turf or repair older turf. A sprig consists of stolons with attached roots and rhizomes. We use only live sprigs that are put down and installed within 24 hours after harvest to prevent drying out or heating during transport. Sprigging is also one of the least expensive option for warm-season turf varieties that can’t be established by seed. With G to Z Turf Services Sod to Sprig, we can retain the area’s precision grade, and can achieve playable cover within 60 days.

Why Sod to Sprig

G to Z’s (No Till Sod to Sprig Service) can save upwards of 2/3rds the cost of a traditional sprigging job, without regrading or tilling the site. Our Sprigs are planted using freshly cut Sod, assuring us a 98% survival rate, and gives our method a 30 day shorter grow-in time compared to traditional Sprigging. With G to Z Sod to Sprig, no job is too big or too small. Our guaranteed fresh sprigs can be hand-planted in tight areas, so existing golf course features remain undisturbed.

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The G to Z Install Team in Action

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Superior Qualitybethel_farms1

G to Z Turf Services works closely with Bethel Farms and their (Harmony program) to offer our clients the highest quality grass available.

*Compared to traditional sprigging services.
**If watered properly. Water is a key component during the early growing stages.