bimini-gto-zBimini is an improved hybrid Bermuda grass. Bimini Bermuda forms a fine textured, dense hybrid Bermuda turf that excels in high traffic areas or under golf/athletic field conditions. Bimini performs at its best in full sun with mowing heights normally associated with fairways, roughs, sports fields and lawns. When fully established, it has excellent drought and heat tolerance and will recover quickly from abuse or neglect

Bimini Characteristics


  • Uses: Golf, Commercial, Sports/Parks
  • Color: Dark-Green
  • Blade Width: 5-7 mm
  • Feel: Soft
  • Fall Color Retention: Very Good
  • Spring Greenup: Very Good


  • Soils: Sand, Clay, Muck
  • Growth: Lateral
  • Wear: Excellent
  • Injury Recovery: Excellent
  • Insects: Excellent
  • Diseases: Excellent


  • Heat: Excellent
  • Cold: Excellent
  • Shade: Good
  • Drought: Excellent
  • Salt: Good


  • Mower: Standard Rotary or Reel Mower
  • Height: .5-3.0″
  • Weed Control: Excellent

Bimini for Golf

Bimini Bermuda Grass is a hybrid Bermuda Grass developed specifically for athletic applications such as golf courses, football fields, baseball fields, soccer fields and other high traffic sporting fields. It is characterized as having a beautiful dark green color with a medium to fine textured leave. Bimini Bermuda Grass is a vigorous grower that establishes itself extremely quick adding to the benefits of it's applications. Your organization will also benefit from it's drought and disease resistant qualities that will help add many years to the life of your turf grass with less maintenance requirements.

Bimini for Commercial Landscapes

Bimini Bermuda Grass's dense, rapidly spreading growth habits and it's quick injury recovery make Bimini one of the most durable golf turf's available. Bimini Grass was developed to tolerate close mowing for use on fairways, roughs and a variety of uses on golf courses. It also is highly disease resistant which adds to the ease of maintenance. Bimini also demonstrates superior drought tolerance, and can survive with with only 1/2" of irrigation per week if your soil conditions are acceptable. When choosing the turf grass for your golf course you want to take maintenance requirements into consideration. Maintenance is a major cost that can be maintained if you choose the proper turf. Bimini Bermuda can lower your over all costs associated with regular maintenance.

Bimini for Fields/Parks

Bimini Bermuda Grass provides an outstanding turf for football fields, baseball fields, soccer fields and most all sports field applications. It has one of the highest recovery ratings when compared to other Bermuda Grasses. Bimini will provide a slightly softer landing for the higher impact sports athletes. If your high school, college, or sports association needs a quality turf grass that not only looks great but provides proven results than Bimini Bermuda is the turf grass that you are looking for. Contact us today to schedule one of our sod specialist to take a look at your project.