Developed by the University of Florida, Captiva is a chinch bug resistant St. Augustine that requires one-third less mowing than Floratam . Captiva is a lush, dark green St. Augustine with a dense canopy and a massive root system. It has slow leaf blade growth and lateral spread, which results in a reduction of mowing requirements. Captiva has shown good-excellant shade tolerance. It features excellent pest resistance, requiring fewer chemical inputs. Captiva is an excellant choice for homeowners that want a finer textured St. Augustine lawn.

Captiva Characteristics


  • Uses: Commercial, Home
  • Color: Dark Green
  • Blade Width: 6.7 mm
  • Feel: Moderately Soft
  • Fall Color Retention: Very Good
  • Spring Greenup: Very Good


  • Soils: Sand, Clay, Muck
  • Growth: Stolons
  • Wear: Good
  • Injury Recovery: Very Good
  • Insects: Excellent
  • Diseases: Good


  • Heat: Excellent
  • Cold: Good
  • Shade: Very Good
  • Drought: Good
  • Salt: Very Good


  • Mower: Standard Rotary/Reel
  • Height: 2-3″
  • Weed Control: Good


Captiva St. Augustine is the first St. Augustine grass since Floratam to resist all chinch bugs found in the state of Florida. With a deep, dark green color, Captiva has exceptional beauty, a slow rate of vertical growth which means less mowing for the end-user. Captiva was shorter at 21 days of growth than Floratam was at 7 days. Captiva’s dense canopy and deep root system make it a hardy turf grass that will be a viable performer in the landscape for many years to come.

Captiva is an excellent choice for commercial applications because of its rapid recovery, drought tolerance, and dark green color. Captiva is the most shade tolerant bermuda available on the market and can thrive in a variety of applications and climatic conditions. If you are interested in specifying Captiva for your next project be sure to fill out our contact form and a G to Z Turf Services staff member will get back to you soon.