Floratam St. Augustine grass was released by the Florida and Texas Agricultural Experiment Stations in 1972 as a SAD virus and chinch bug resistant turf selection. It has since been observed to be brown patch tolerant also. Like other Florida turf types, Floratam is a vigorous, coarse textured St. Augustine grass variety. Stolons of Floratam are large, purplish-red in color with internodes averaging 3 inches in length. Leaf blades are wider and longer than common St. Augustine grass. It is considered the most drought-tolerant of all St. Augustine grasses.

Floratam Characteristics


  • Uses: Golf, Commercial, Sports/Parks, Home
  • Color: Blue-Green
  • Blade Width: 5 mm
  • Feel: Soft
  • Fall Color Retention: Very Good
  • Spring Greenup: Very Good


  • Soils: Sand, Clay, Muck
  • Growth: Stolons
  • Wear: Excellent
  • Injury Recovery: Excellent
  • Insects: Very Good
  • Diseases: Very Good


  • Heat: Excellent
  • Cold: Very Good
  • Shade: Good
  • Drought: Excellent
  • Salt: Very Good


  • Mower: Standard Rotary
  • Height: 1-2″
  • Weed Control: Very Good


Floratam is the most popular variety of grass in Florida. This all-round favorite thrives in direct sunlight and provides an attractive, lush, blue-green lawn. Throughout the state of Florida, this is one of only two varieties that show some resistance to chinch bugs. Floratam has a dense, moderately coarse blade. Like most St. Augustine grasses, Floratam is coarse-textured grass, but a distinguishing feature of Floratam is its longer and wider leaf blades. This dark-green cultivar grows rapidly in both spring and summer. It is less cold and shade tolerant than other St. Augustine grass cultivars and can suffer from freeze damage when temperatures stay below freezing for an extended period of time; it is hardy only in USDA zones 9 and 10. Floratam needs plenty of sunshine and will perform poorly if it receives less than six hours of sunlight a day. Contact us for more information about using Floratam in your next project or rennovation.