Sapphire St. Augustine is an attractive turfgrass with fast prostrate (horizontal) growth, purple stolon color and a long leaf blade that is highly infolded in mature turf, giving the grass a fine leaf appearance. Sapphire St. Augustine grass has a pleasing blue-green color, and has excellent color retention. Sapphire is hardwearing in demanding climates. Sapphire St. Augustine grass tolerates salt, shade, and drought. It performs well with less maintenance, fertilization and water. Sapphire is positioned to be a superior grass, due to improved wear recovery and reduced weed problems.

Sapphire Characteristics


  • Uses: Commercial, Home
  • Color: Deep Blue-Green
  • Blade Width: 6.4 mm
  • Feel: Soft
  • Fall Color Retention: Very Good
  • Spring Greenup: Very Good


  • Soils: Sand, Clay
  • Growth: Stolons
  • Wear: Good
  • Injury Recovery: Very Good
  • Insects: Average
  • Diseases: Good


  • Heat: Excellent
  • Cold: Good
  • Shade: Very Good
  • Drought: Good
  • Salt: Very Good


  • Mower: Standard Rotary
  • Height: .5-2.5″
  • Weed Control: Good


Sapphire St. Augustine is a very attractive turfgrass, yet its functional characteristics make it an excellent choice for landscapes that also demand higher performance. Sapphire is an excellent alternative to “standard” St. Augustines: it has a pleasing blue-green color, and is softer than virtually any other St. Augustine that is available at this time. In fact, Sapphire is the only finer bladed, high performance St. Augustine in the world.

“High performance” means that Sapphire excels at the characteristics that make it durable and easier to maintain. It is a fast lateral grower: Sapphire grows in, and covers over, turf damage more rapidly than many other turfgrasses. Sapphire will weather more foot traffic than many St. Augustines; and tighter, denser growth habits will reduce weed infestation. Suitable for warm, demanding climates, Sapphire tolerates salt, shade and drought, making it an excellent choice for coastal regions. Importantly, Sapphire requires less water and fertilization than most other St. Augustines. For more information please contact us and download the Sapphire BMP and Sales Sheet.