Humate-Based Soil Additive

80-20 contains both fulvic and humic acids in a highly soluble formulation. Designed to be soluble at pH ranges between 2 and 12, this liquid formulation of humic and fulvic acid delivers concentrated organic acids designed to enhance the soil and increase nutrient utilization.

Enhanced nutrient utilization: Soil applications of humic acid have been shown to reduce fertilizer needs by up to 25% by enhancing uptake and utilization of applied nutrients as well as major and minor nutrients. Humic acid produces ligands capable of complexing nutrient elements, which shields them from immobilization in the soil and enhances plant-availability. Humic acids readily form salts with more than 60 different inorganic trace mineral elements, which bind to humic acid molecules in a form that can be readily utilized by various living organisms.

As a result, humic acids function as important ion exchange and metal complexing (chelating) systems. Studies have also demonstrated that applications of humic acid can help reduce nitrogen volatilization and loss.

Plant hormone-like activity: Fulvic acid can help intensify enzyme systems and enhance cell division. Applications of fulvic acid have been demonstrated to increase seed germination, enhance root development and decrease the effects of abiotic stress. The low molecular weight of fulvic acids also facilitates easy entry into plant tissues, often acting as a carrier or escort for other nutrients. Combining with Phytohormones: Amino acids are known activators of phytohormones, various hormones produced by plants that control physiological activities such as growth and metabolism. L-methionine activates ethylene, while L-trypophan activates auxin synthesis.

Equilibrium of Soil Bacteria: L-methionine is a precursor to growth factors that stabilize microbe cell walls. This type of equilibrium is a basic foundation for food mineralization, soil structure and root fertility.


Total humic substance content 20.0%
Humic Acid 16.0%
Fulvic Acid 4.0%


For maintenance use:
1.5 - 3 oz. per 1,000 square feet

For injection of drench applications use:
1 gal. per 100 gal. of water


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