Cal-Stimulate (8% Calcium)

Chelated Calcium with 10% Kelp and Biostimulants

Cal-Stimulate is designed for three main purposes: to correct calcium deficiencies, to stimulate root growth and to enhance turf quality under stress conditions. Glucoheptonate, a sugar-based chelating agent, ensures nutrient delivery and efficiency and provides a food source for beneficial microbes. Because of their high auxin content, the pytohormone-rich kelp extracts (10%) enhance rooting while increasing antioxidant levels and stress resistance.

Why calcium? Calcium deficiencies can indirectly affect turfgrass health and stress tolerance without ever showing deficient symptoms. This is one reason that the base cation saturation ratio theory recommends 60-70% of your CEC be occupied by calcium. As such, a chelated form of calcium such as Cal-Stimulate should be a part of every comprehensive fertility program. Cal-Stimulate is a neutral, non-liming form of calcium that will raise Ca levels without affecting pH.

Benefits of kelp: Our kelp extracts contain phytohormones, antioxidants, and alginates which have stress mitigation and biostimulant properties. However, most other formulations use Ascophyllum Nodosum kelp which has higher cytokinin to auxin ratios. This cytokinin-heavy ratio favors shoot development. The kelp in Cal-Stimulate is a proprietary auxin-heavy ratio derived from Ecklonia Maxima kelp. The high auxin to cytokinin ratio favors root development over shoot development. This root stimulation activity provided by the auxin content is what makes the kelp in Cal-Stimulate a better choice for applications to turfgrass.


Calcium (Ca) 8.0%

Derived from: calcium glucoheptonate, kelp extracts


For maintenance use:
2 - 6 oz. per 1,000 square feet every 7 to 14 days


  • Integral component of cell wall structure.
  • Enhances cell wall strength.
  • Facilitates root extension.
  • Required for callus production in response to plant injury.

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