Keep it Green Mg / Mn

Keep it Green 3% Mg
Keep it Green 5% Mn

Keep it Green Magnesium and Keep it Green Manganese are chelated forms of nutrients suitable for foliar or root applications. These products are designed to enhance uptake by protecting the ion from unwanted reactions which renders the nutrient unavailable.

Adding flexibility and value: With our specially-designed analysis, the gluchoheptonate chelation does not limit foliar absorption through ion binding. The end result is a formulation that gives you flexibility in how you employ the product and assurances that you are getting the value and utility out of the nutrient.


Magnesium (Mg) 3.0%
Derived from: magnesium glucoheptonate

Manganese (Mn) 5.0%
Derived from: magnesium glucoheptonate


For maintenance use:
1.5 - 3 oz. / 1,000 sq. ft. every 7 to 14 days

For deficiency rate use:
3 - 6 oz. / 1,000 sq. ft. every 7 days

For drench application use:
1 gal. / 100 gal. of water

NutrientRole of the NutrientDeficiency SymptomsDeficiency Causes
MgCentral atom in chlorophyll. Optimal soil Mg level is 15% to 20% of the CEC.Yellowing of older leaves, progressing to red with blotchy red leaf margins, veins remain green, similar to N deficiency symptoms.Over fertilization of K and Ca, sodium in the soil, low CEC soils.
MnPlays important roles in photosynthesis, enzyme activity, and lignin synthesis.Interveinal chlorosis on new leaves, small or stunted leaves, poor response to N fertilization, grey or white leaf tips.Alkaline soils (especially if low in organic matter), low CEC levels, high N and iron fertilization, high carbonate irrigation water.

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