Calcium Silicate-based Soil Amendment

Converge is a calcium silicate-based soil amendment and soil conditioner specifically designed to integrate within sustainable management practices with an emphasis on improving unfavorable characteristics in soils and increasing plants' physiological adaptive capacity to tolerate abiotic stresses.

The activity of Converge can be defined in terms of sequences of biogeochemical reactions that complement each other to provide unique multi-functional solutions that improve soil quality and significantly reduce plant vulnerability to abiotic stresses.

Converge applications into the soil establish a sound and stable soil structure that:

  • effectively cycles nutrients and minimizes leaching of nutrients into ground and surface water
  • provides a healthy rooting and microbial environment
  • reduces phosphorus fixation and increases phosphorus "mining"
  • prevents toxic metals from access to plant roots
  • corrects salinity problems


Converge technology is a union of silicon-based geochemical improvements in the soil environment coupled with silicon’s active involvement in biochemical reactions and processes in the plant that increase the adaptive capacity of plants to abiotic stresses.

Silicon’s activity in the soil and plant results in the formation of “Collective Impact” solutions. Multiple effect solutions to problems in the soil such as improved soil structure and stabil­ity (improved air water ratios, drainage, salinity), mediation of metal toxicity, and improved nutrient availability prevent exposure of these potential abiotic stress factors to the plant. This decreases the vulnerability index of the plant.

Once silicon is absorbed into the plant, collective impact solu­tions continue. Silicon becomes actively involved with plant processes and plant defense mechanisms to generate multiple effect improvements that increase the plant’s ability to tolerate abiotic stresses such as drought, heat, chilling, salinity, and UV-B rays. Silicon has been shown to increase photosynthesis under stress as well as address sodium and metal toxicity.



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