Par Angle

Improving the Game

PAR ANGLE Bunker Sand represents the latest technical innovation to improve the performance of golf course sand bunkers and the game of golf. PAR ANGLE is designed specifically to improve the game by resisting ball impact and creating a more playable bunker shot. PAR ANGLE is an industry leader in providing a high quality product that satisfies customers and players alike.

Bunker Sand Science

The USGA reviews seven factors that should be considered when selecting bunker sand. The PAR ANGLE Bunker Sand was evaluated on January 24, 2014, by Tifton Physical Soil Testing Laboratory, Inc.

Particle size: 71.6% particles within USGA recommended range. The USGA recommends a minimum of 65% particles within this range.

Particle shape and penetrometer value: Mostly sub-angular in the very coarse and coarse sand fractions. Has a penetrometer reading of 3.1 kg/cm2 which means it has a very low tendency to bury based on the fried-egg lie potential test.

Crusting potential: (<3%) of silt and clay at 1.9%, so crusting of the surface layer should not be a problem.

Chemical reaction (pH) and hardness: The Sand is silica sand with a soil water pH of 6.1 Infiltration rate: Water permeability rate of 25.2 in/hr. This is a very adequate rate for bunker sand. The USGA recommends a rate >20 in/hr. for bunker sand.

Color: The sand has a very white color.

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