Big Roll Sod

Although big roll turf installation requires more knowledge and different equipment than standard rolls or slabs, there are significant advantages to both golf courses and athletic fields. Installing big rolls provides the most durable and visually appealing instant turf possible, all in a minimum amount of time.

For customers with large areas, big roll sod installation means any size job is possible.

No-Till Sprig to Sod

Sod to Sprig is a quick, cost effective and harmless method for reinvigorating or replacing turf in any location. It’s one of the fastest ways to install new turf or repair older turf. A sprig consists of stolons with attached roots and rhizomes. We use only live sprigs that are put down and installed within 24 hours after harvest to prevent drying out or heating during transport.

With G to Z’s Sod to Sprig service, we can retain the area’s precision grade and achieve playable cover within 60 days.


Root Pruning

Tree roots can easily damage walkways and cart pathways while denying turfgrass important water and nutrients. With our root pruner service, removing unwanted and damaging tree roots is quick and requires no cleanup.

G to Z’s root pruner provides 3,000 linear feet per hour with only two thin slits, compared with traditional root pruning with a backhoe or ditch witch which can require major disturbance to the landscape.


Tree Stump Removal

Mowing around tree stumps that were not removed properly, especially those not cut near grade, can be difficult and potentially dangerous.

G to Z Turf Services makes tree stump removal for golf courses, sporting fields, and other landscapes easy and clean with the Stumpex grinder.